About DEPV

Dambadeniya Export Production Village

Debut of the company

In the year 1981, Semasahitha Dambadeniya Apanayana Banda sanwardana Samagama has started under the concept of Export Development Villages which imposed by the Government policy. At the beginning the company started with Agriculture product later on the Company looking for other projects such as packaging items with using bio degradable, non toxic hand woven tea packaging boxes as a major programme in the company by using leaves of palm tree known as Tala Tree (Corphaumbraculfera ). This massive process is handling by around 1000 skill women under the guidance of skill wardens with cluster centers in the vicinity area in Dambadeniya, Sri Lanka. With time being, the company become people's company with understanding social responsibilities including company work force. Recently, the company is registered as a legal company in Sri Lanka.

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Quality Crown Award - 2010

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National Award for excellence - 2003

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No 306, Negombo Road,Rammuthugala,Narammala